Bulletins techniques

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TPIC Bulletin #1: Commentary on 10 PSF Bottom Chord Live Load in Commercial Roof Truss Design REV: November 4, 2004 (112KB)
TPIC Bulletin #2: TPIC Commentary - Load Considerations when Designing Attic Frames (37KB) REV: November 9, 2007
TPIC Bulletin #3: Part 4 Trusses in Part 9 Buildings (26KB) REV: November 11, 2013 This commentary presents two different scenarios for Part 4 trusses in Part 9 buildings and presents the guidance TPIC was given by the Codes Section of the Institute for Research in Construction, who assists the Committees responsible for the preparation of the National Building Code of Canada.
Bulletin Technique #5 du TPIC: Calcul des fermes pour toits-jardins (85KB)
Révision en date du 25 Nov. 2009
Bulletin technique #8 du TPIC: Conception Des Fermes Pour Toits Plats
TPIC Bulletin #10: Long Span Trusses